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Solo Backpacking (4 Reasons Why You Should Start Planning Today)

Have you ever thought about traveling alone or have you been thinking about it for a long time but never had the courage to just do it?

I will tell you 4 ultimate reasons why you should at least once in your life travel alone.


Above all traveling on your own means to be flexible.

If you find a destination that inspires you, where you find like-minded people and you just don’t want to leave – then stay.

Enjoy the time and take as much with you as possible.

When traveling alone you don’t have any obligations, you can decide things spontaneously and travel wherever your heart leads you to.

Walking through the Schoenbrunn Park in Vienna

Solo Backpacking Enriches You

Getting to know new cultures, new countries and new friends.

If you are traveling alone you are so much more open to new connections and adventures. You connect with people so easily, especially if you’re backpacking.

Most of the time it just happens. You will always find like-minded travel buddies.

So, actually being alone isn’t the case most of the time. ;)

All these new experiences also enrich your way of thinking and how you think about yourself.

Traveling teaches you so many life lessons.

Letting Go of Your Fears

Most people are afraid of traveling alone – “What may happen if I’m all by myself?”.

This uncertainty leads to doubts and sadly often to staying in your comfort zone.

I know the first step is the hardest one. You need a lot of self-confidence to take it.

But after this first step, it will get so much easier – I promise!

When traveling alone you learn to pursue new path over and over again.

Leaving known roads behind you and starting a new adventure all over again gives you strength and so much confidence.

It makes you a stronger version of yourself.


If you are traveling alone, especially in a foreign country, you need to learn pretty fast to be confident and trust your gut.

And believe me most of the time your gut feeling is right.

While traveling alone you will learn so much about your own needs and how to respect yourself.

You will definitely return more independent and much more self-aware after traveling on your own.

Thailand Night Market

I hope I could give you enough reasons to start your solo backpacking adventure.

I will never forget how much my first trip on my own thought me.

Try it!

At least once! ;)

If you have already been on a solo backpacking trip let us know what it taught you. :)

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