Watching Sunrise
Julia drinking coffee


People who travel the world for living always fascinated me.

In 2015 I planned my first solo trip to Thailand – which was one of the best experiences I ever made!

For that trip I decided to write my adventures down in an online diary.

My first intention was to keep my family and friends posted.

But after some writing, I wanted to share more of my experiences with other travelers.

Who’s advice and recommendations I was so thankful for while abroad.

This was the birth of my idea for!


After a few years of traveling 5 weeks per year – that’s how much vacation you get while working fulltime in Austria – this wasn’t working anymore.

In 2017 we finally decided to quit our jobs and the apartment and travel fulltime.


Berni is my boyfriend (and personal crisis manager).

When I’m having a little breakdown because our flight was canceled or my website isn’t working, he is my solid rock.

I never met a person so calm no matter what.

He is working as a growth hacker, starting to set up his own business.

Website coming soon.

Berni at the Dolomites


It still is kind of scary not knowing what will happen during the upcoming months.

Where will we end up?

Will everything go as planned (I don’t think so)?

How long will we stay abroad?

Anyhow, we are both sure the decision to quit and travel fulltime was the right decision for us!

Enjoy reading about our adventures discovering Southeast Asia.