Giraffe Manor Breakfast

Breakfast with Giraffes

When we saw the first pictures of people having breakfast with wild giraffes, Julia got totally excited.

We knew we had to visit this place!

But in the same moment, we were really skeptical.

Getting so close to wild giraffes to be able to take selfies – How can that be animal-friendly?!

You need to know that Julia loves everything that has to do with animals!

But more importantly, she loves the animals themselves!

So we started to do some research on the famous Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

Giraffe ManorGiraffe Manor Breakfast area Giraffe Manor Window Tables Giraffe Manor Outside Dinner Area

Giraffe Manor’s History

The Manor was constructed in 1932 modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge.

In 1974 it was bought by Betty and Jock Leslie Melville, two Americans working in Kenya protecting and caring for the endangered Rothschild giraffes.

Since the Rothschild giraffes were facing extinction in Kenya back then, Betty and Jock soon adopted the baby giraffe Daisy.

The second one followed soon after and was called Marlon.

Only shortly after they started to run a breeding programme to reintroduce the Rothschild giraffes back into the wild.

African Fund for Endangered Wildlife

Today part of the land is run by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) which was founded by Betty and Jock in 1979.

AFEW’s VISION: A Kenyan population
in harmony with nature and living sustainably.

They are still running a breeding programme to assure the Rothschild giraffes existence in Kenya.

The calves are reintroduced into the wild at the age of 2 – 3 years.

So far the giraffe center has released more than 40 giraffes and about 10 are living at the 60-acre sanctuary at the moment.

All the giraffes are named after people who have contributed significantly to the work of AFEW.

Giraffe Family Giraffe Babies

Giraffe Manor as a Hotel

The Manor itself is run as a hotel since 1983.

Nowadays it’s owned by the Carr-Hartley family.

The rooms at Giraffe Manor are all named after one of the giraffes.

We stayed in Jock’s room on the first floor.

Which made it possible to feed the giraffes from our room when they came to the property for breakfast. :)

Giraffe Jocks Room Julia Giraffe Jocks Room Berni

The giraffes know the exact schedule and start coming over to the manor for some treats at the same time every day.

Starting at 6 am in the morning for the famous breakfast with the giraffes.

Julia Giraffe Giraffe Manor Breakfast

They stay as long as it pleases them and are free to walk back to the sanctuary ground whenever they want to.

The next scheduled feeding is in the evening at 5 pm.

While the guests get served English delights (like amazing scones) and tea or coffee.

Giraffe Feeding Door

Julia petting Giraffe Berni feeding Giraffes

You need to treat the giraffes with respect and be really careful.

Move slowly and always listen to the staff of the hotel.

Some of the giraffes can get mean and might give you a headbutt which is super dangerous.

Like one of the staff members used to say ‘No food, No friendship!’.

Either way, some of them are very gentle and you can even touch them and get a kiss (only for a treat of course). ;)

Giraffe Kissing

How to book a room

We booked our room 10 months in advance and that’s definitely what we recommend you to do!

The Manor is one of the most popular places in Nairobi and is completely booked most of the time.

You can book your room through the Safari Collections official website.

How long to Stay

We stayed 2 nights at Giraffe Manor and that’s the exact amount of time you need to fully enjoy this wonderful experience!

Staying 2 nights gives you the opportunity to spend breakfast twice with the giraffes and you have one afternoon for a guided tour or a visit at the AFEW Giraffe Center and another for having your afternoon tea at the Manor feeding the giraffes. ;)

On your last day you might even visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is Raising Elephant Orphans!

Our Resume

We had an amazing time with those beautiful long necked blondes at Giraffe Manor.

Our stay was one of a kind and we took so many great memories with us!

If you want to experience an unforgettable trip we can absolutely recommend this place.

Let us know your most amazing experience with wild animals in the comments.

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