Combine Work and Travel

That’s how you combine Work & Travel

Working location independent while traveling fulltime.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

But how is it possible to get work done, when you are in one of the most beautiful spots on this planet?

We learned to organize ourselves so we are able to get some work done AND experience each destination to it’s fullest.

We’ll tell you our most important tips how to organize traveling with working in paradise!

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1. Plan according to the weather

We started traveling fulltime in Bali during the rainy season.

Which means that there are some days you can literally do nothing.

Except – getting some work done! ;)

That’s a pretty simple tip.

So, if the weather is great, go out there.

Discover the local hotspots and most recommended sights.

Use the time to shoot amazing pictures for your Instagram and meet local people.

And when the weather gets worse, it’s ok.

Sit down in a nice cafe or a co-working space and write a new post.

Start editing those great pics you took or writing your next post.

It’s a pretty easy rule!

And believe me, some days you will be happy it’s raining. ;)

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2. Plan according to the destination

We love to visit different places in one country.

Each one usually has its own benefits.

There is the crowded main city where there is one party after the other.

The area which is full of incredible sights.

And the spot where you can find tranquillity and peace.

Use the benefits of each place and plan your trips according to them.

If you’re staying at a tourist hotspot and you have at least 10 things you want to cross off your bucket list – it’s ok, do it all!

Enjoy the sights, the culture and the food.

Have fun!

And afterwards, move to that calm area, which is surrounded by nature where nothing can distract you.

The perfect spot to concentrated and get lots of work done.

You can easily do it the other way around.

Put your work first and reward yourself with leisure time. ;)

We are just always too excited so we have to check everything out first.

Bali Julia Working

3. Plan according to the time available

This is the most luxurious possibility, of course.

If you’re not in a hurry and there are no Visa complications, take all the time you need at your favorite destination.

When the weather is always perfect and there is so much to explore.

Take your time to do it.

But structure it!

You will be able to reconcile everything when you stick to a certain schedule.

Go out one day, work the other.

Enjoy one adventurous week and work full time in the next one.

It all depends on your self-discipline at the end. ;)

We are certain you can do it!

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Let us know how you manage to combine work and travel!

We’re eager for your tips! ;)

  • Michaela

    19. January 2018 at 23:19 Reply

    Great stuff! ;) We really need to pay heat to this… we‘re more the kind of adventureous types ^^ that means: discover everything and then at 1 am knock out some posts and storiiies ?

    • Julia

      20. January 2018 at 7:28 Reply

      Haha! We know what you’re talking about! At the end, it all comes back to structuring your time. You need to decide if you want to focus exclusively on travelling or also get some work done! ;)
      We try to combine both as best as possible! Since we don’t want to go back to the 9-5 life we were living! :)

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