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Find out which equipment we use for our photos

With our growing Instagram account and our blog getting bigger we frequently get asked which tools we use to take our pictures, how we take them and if & how we edit the photos.

We put everything together in this post, so you can easily see how we roll. ;)

As we always try to be as environmentally friendly as possible we also included links to refurbished products.
Refurbished Products are used products that got revamped and are as good as brand new. The positive side effect is, that they are usually cheaper, come with a warranty and you will help to reduce waste from thrown away gadgets.


Please note, that some links are affiliate links. This means that we will get a little commission if you buy through the link. It helps us to maintain our blog and cover the server costs. The product itself will NOT cost you more than usual.

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Camera | SONY alpha 6000

It’s an amazing little allrounder.

Very handy and a lot of useful features (like the built in Remote Control).

Check the Price

Check Prices for Refurbished Cameras

Objective | SONY SEL 1650 & SEL 55210

Now, these are the “Standard” objectives that we bought with the camera.

There are definitely better ones out there.

However, we are currently very satisfied with the results but will check out our options at a later stage.

The SEL 1650 is a wide angle lens and came with the camera, while the SEL 55210 is awesome for tele shots.

Check the price for SEL 55210

Check the price for the Sony Alpha 6000 + SEL 1650 + SEL55210 Bundle

Camera equipment | various

You will definitely have to have additional battery packs, at least one fast SD Card and a neopren cover for you camera and for your additional objective.

Lightweight TriPod | Amazon Basics

We actually bought our light weight tripod in Singapore for 18SGD.

Since we figured out during our travels that it’s super handy to have a tripod.

Especially to take pictures of the both of us. :)

One of the most important factors for us was it’s light weigh and compact size!

Check the price >>

GoPro | Hero4

That one you want to use to get awesome underwater or waterfall shots.

Or if you do not want to take out your big camera.

It really is indestructible (at least we haven’t found out a way yet).

There is already a GoPro Hero6 Black, which is the latest and “better” version.

Check the GoPro Prices

Check Prices for refurbished GoPros

Drone | DJI Mavic Pro

Our eyes in the sky (aka Millenium Falcon) was the most discussed purchase of all our equipment.

A drone is quite expensive and flying it the first couple of times was kind of sketchy as we didn’t want to crash it (it might have kissed a banana tree once).

However, it is definitely, totally and indisputable worth it. :D

There is now a cheaper version the DJI Mavic Air, we haven’t had the time to test it yet but it might be a good and not so expensive alternative to a Mavic Pro.

Check the DJI Mavic Pro Price

Check the DJI Mavic Air Price

Laptops, Phones & Photoediting

Laptops | MacBook Pro 13″ & MacBook Air 13,3"

Berni is a little Apple fanboy, so there was no way that we will choose something different than a MacBook.

However, it really has a long battery duration and is not too heavy, which makes it great for traveling.

Furthermore it clicks well with our Lightroom Photoediting software.

Check out MacBook Prices

Check Prices for refurbished MacBooks

Photo editing | Adobe Lightroom

Julia loves to get the most out of our images.

Sometimes the originals lack a little light or are too bright, so we adapt them in Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom comes with a 1TB cloud storage in which kind of all our images are stored to keep them safe.

Check out Lightroom Prices

Phones | iPhone

They are really great to make short but high quality videos.

Or just a quick shot of something interesting that you do not want to take your camera out.

Berni has the iPhone 8, which is amazing for spontaneous underwater shots.

We also use them extensively as Internet Hotspots, since the WiFi in some countries is really, really slow.

Check out iPhone Prices

Check Prices for refurbished iPhones


That’s it :)

If you have any questions regarding our equipment, just drop us a comment below and we get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Tina Freeman

    17. November 2018 at 18:16 Reply

    Can you use the drone in Burma?

    • Julia

      20. November 2018 at 20:43 Reply

      Hi Tina!
      We haven’t had problems flying our drone in Burma but you should not fly in city areas and also avoid flying over religious sights like pagodas.
      Make sure to check for signs then you should be fine.
      If you have any further questions regarding Burma or flying a drone shoot us a message! ;)
      Safe travels!
      Berni & Julia

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