Singapore Itinerary 4 Days

Singapore Itinerary – 4 Days in the amazing Lion City

Traveling for the first time to Singapore?

Then this 4 days Singapore Itinerary will be a perfect guideline for you.

You will learn about Singapore’s vibe and why we were shocked for the first couple of hours, how to get around and of course our itinerary for 4 days of city sightseeing. :)

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What you should know before traveling to Singapore

When you have done your fair share of research, like we did, you already know that Singapore is not your usual Southeast Asia Megacity.

The Singapore vibe will first strike you when you arrive at Changi Airport.

Everything is well organized and streamlined.

You don’t have to guess where you should go next because you will see a sign at every corner that guides you to the correct spot.

Public Transport seems to be deeply woven into the city’s DNA.

It’s a 5 minutes walk to Changi’s MRT station that will bring you right into the city center within 25 minutes.

This is just one of the many perks of the city.

However, keep in mind that it’s not all as sparkly as you might read about.

Finding a reasonably priced accommodation can be a pain as hotel rooms and hostels are quite expensive.

Furthermore, Singapore also has its ‘dark’ spots, which we didn’t expect based on our research.

Spots where you can still smell the sewer, where there is trash on the streets and where you will find run-down houses.

Another issue for us was that we thought in Singapore it must be super easy to get WiFi close to everywhere.

That is not the case!

So you might want to invest in a SIM card at the airport. ;)

A little fun fact on the side.

We managed to find a reasonably priced hotel and we were delighted.

What we didn’t know was, that it was in the middle of the red light district, which is known for delicious food stalls.

So if you want to have the same experience checkout Hotel81 in Gaylong.

Singapore Itinerary 4 Days  – exploring the stunning city

This itinerary is based on our experience in Singapore.

We did not have an itinerary when visiting the city.

However, in retrospect, it would have been a little more relaxing if we had one.

Especially as we quickly found out that it’s hard to find breakfast spots that open before 10 am.

So here is our proposition for you.

Little India 50 Bridges

Day 1 – Lose yourself at Gardens by the Bay

Breakfast at Food Republic @ Capitol Piazza Shopping Mall (MRT Station EW13/NS25 City Hall)

Food Republic is an operator of a Hawker Center Styled Food Court.

At Capitol Piazza go to the Hot&Cold store and order Kaya Toast + Kopi or Tea.

It’s the most Singaporean Breakfast you will get, the price and taste are just unbeatable (4-6 SGD).

Head to Gardens by the Bay (MRT Station CE1/DT16 Bayfront)

Gardens by the Bay was created to take Singapore one step away from being a ‘Garden City’ and one step closer to being a ‘City in a Garden’.

It’s a massive area of green and lush gardens, Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, the famous Flower Dome, Cloud Forrest and Supertrees.

There is actually a transfer service from the MRT Station to the Dome.

However, we strongly recommend walking to see all of its beauty.

It’s absolutely worth your time.

Cloud Forrest

Get stunned by the Flower Dome and Cloud Forrest

At the Flower Dome/Cloud Forrest get yourself a combi ticket (it’s cheaper than buying each separately).

And plan a lot of time to see everything.

We expected to be in and out of this attraction within an hour or 2 but we stayed close to 5 hours. :D

Both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forrest have amazing Photo Spots, so take your time to appreciate what the Singaporeans have created.

TIP: Bring a pullover as the Dome and Forrest are cooled down quite a bit.

Julia was freezing.

Afterwards, grab food at the ‘Bakerzin’ restaurant nearby (don’t forget to show your combi ticket as you will get a discount).

Entrance Fee: S$28

Cloud Forrest View Flower Dome Cloud Forrest Bridge

Next stop is the Supertree Grove

Massiv man-made tree-like structures that host more than 160.000 different plants and 200 species.

Another amazing photo spot.

If you have time/money get your ticket for the OCBC Skyway to get close to the top of the supertrees.

Or just relax by laying in the grass.

Entrance fee OCBC Skyway: S$8

Super Tree Grove

Stroll around Marina Bay

Cool yourself down by leaving Gardens by the Bay and stroll through the Mall of Marina Bay Sands.

If you had enough of shopping, walk around Marina Bay itself to see the iconic Merlion and the hypermodern Esplanade.

When it’s getting dark head for the helix bridge to enjoy the awesome view of the Marina Bay Sands complex and head once again to the Supertree Grove for the light show.

Marina Bay

Enjoy the light show at the Supertree Grove

This is an audio and visual show that is presented daily at 07:45 PM and 08:45 PM.

Grab your seat on the grass between the grove, or get an elevated view by getting up to the terraces above the Supertree Dining restaurant.

Entrance Fee: free

Super Tree Grove By Night

Grab food at Marina Bay Sands Hawker Center

While this is not your typical Hawker Center it is still a cheap but more than delicious place to reenergize yourself from this eventful day.

It’s situated on the ground floor of the Mall.

Price/Meal: starting at S$8

City Light Watching at Marina Bay Sands (if your budget allows)

End the day by visiting the Marina Sands Observation Deck & grab a beer.

If you want to have a drink in the famous infinity pool of the hotel, unfortunately, you have to be a guest.

Check out the amazing view from the rooms they have at Marina Bay Sands.

Entrance Fee/person: S$23

Day 2 – Explore the History of Singapore, Little India and treat yourself at Mustafa Center

Breakfast at Ronin Cafe (MRT Station NE5 Clarke Quay)

Ronin feels like you are sitting in a Cafe somewhere in Brooklyn, NYC.

It’s more expensive than Kaya + Kopi.

However, definitely worth it.

Try the Dirty Ronin and a Wicked for a refreshing start into day number 2.

Stroll around Fort Canning Park

Only a few minutes by foot from Clarke Quay you find one of the historical places of Singapore.

Learn about the story of Sir Raffles, the early days of Singapore and how an iron globe can help you to be punctual (let us know in the comments if you know what we are talking about). ;)

TIP: Bring mosquito repellent as those little bastards are everywhere in the park.

Entrance Fee: free

Fort Canning Park

Ministry of Communications

Do you know the building with the colorful window shades that pops up on Instagram?

That’s the place!

It’s at the Fort Canning Park exit “Clarke Quay”.

Take a picture and get into the MRT NE5 Clarke Quay to head for Little India.

Ministry Of Communications

Little India (MRT Station NE7 Little India)

There are many hidden spots in Little India, so just walk around and experience this buzzing district.

A must see is the colorful House of Tan Teng Niah and the unpronounceable Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

When you are done discovering head to Mustafa Center within the center of Little India.

Little India Restaurants Little India Street Art

Shopping at Mustafa Center

Shopping centers are ubiquitous in Singapore.

However, this one is a little different from your typical fancy mall.

Firstly it’s open 24/7, secondly, it’s seemingly disorganized and thirdly (most importantly) you can buy anything imaginable there for an unbeatable cheap price.

If you ever wanted to have a certain electronic gadget or item, go there!

Haji Lane (MRT Station DT14 Bugis)

Take a break at Haji Lane and its colorful streets.

You can find an endless range of tiny shops.

From gorgeously designed hat boutiques to cute clothing stores with locally produced products.

And of course delicious restaurants and cafes.

Our tip: sit down, enjoy a drink and watch the busy tourists walking around.

Before exploring the street art.

Haji Lane

End your day at the Cinema

We made it a habit to have a date night in the cinema every month.

And we stick to it even while traveling.

It’s fun to see how other cultures enjoy movies.

Get your popcorn, soda, fall into the comfy seat and enjoy.

Price/Ticket: approx. S$14

Day 3 – Finding hidden treasures

Breakfast at SPRMRKT (MRT Station CC19 Botanic Gardens)

One of the few breakfast spots in Singapore that open at 8 am. :)

If you eat here between Monday and Thursday they even have breakfast Bowls.

Chinatown (MRT Station DT19 Chinatown)

Chinatown is your vibrant colorful neighborhood with tons of things to discover.

For your fair share of religion visit the Buddha Tooth Temple which was opened in 2002 (although it looks way older) and hosts a tooth of Buddha found in Myanmar.

If you are hungry afterwards just head to the vegetarian restaurant the basement of the temple.

Or, if you never want to experience the feeling of hunger again, head over to The Laughing Buddha at 36 Sago Street and rub his belly (and please tell us if it worked^^).

For the history buffs – go to the Chinatown Heritage Center to find out more about the rich history of this wonderful quarter.

If you are into design or all things beautiful you definitely have to check out the famous Red Dot Design Museum.

Entrance Fee Buddha Tooth Temple: free

Entrance Fee Red Dot Design Museum: S$6

Lunch at Tiong Bahru or Maxwell Hawker Center

Tion Bahru is a newly renovated Hawker Center in a beautiful old neighborhood.

It’s a 15 minutes walk from the MRT Station Outram.

However, its worth the while as you will find one of the Michelin Star awarded Hawker Stalls there and you will probably be the only tourist.

Keep in mind that at 7 PM a lot of stalls are already closed.

So if you want the easier option go to Maxwell Hawker Center.

It’s well known and ever since Anthony Bourdain visited it’s even more crowded.

If you are looking for the stall he ate at, its Tian Tian and you would like to order Hainanese chicken rice.

The Pinnacle @ Duxton (MRT Station EW16/NE3/TE17 Outram Park)

This is something of a hidden spot so chances are that you have an awesome terrace view over Singapore all by yourself.

This residential development project has two 500m long skygardens at the 26th and 50th floor that are open for tourists.

If you go by MRT head out of the Station Outram (New Bridget Road), pass by the police station and you will already spot it.

Look for entrance G1 where you have to pay S$6 to enter.

TIP: Be aware that you should have an EZ-Link card to enter, as the whole system is automatic.

However, the security guard might help you out if you only have cash.

Entrance Fee: S$6

Day 4 – Touristy or non-touristy island exploring

Depending on your preference go to one of the nearby islands – either Sentosa or Pulau Ubin.

Sentosa Island – an adventure park on an island

Sentosa is the self-proclaimed ‘State of Fun’ featuring Adventure Water Parks, Universal Studios, Madame Tussaud and many many more things (oh and also a beach).

Check out all Sentosa Attractions on their Homepage.

Either take the cable car (recommended) or the MRT to reach this wonderful adventure land right in front of Singapore City.

This is how you get to Sentosa.

Pulau Ubin – the green oasis around the corner

This wonderful island is just a 15 minutes boat drive from the mainland away and a tranquil oasis that will calm you down after some days in this buzzing city.

You can go on a hike, enjoy some mountain biking or do some bird or wildlife watching all while strolling through this green paradise.

Please be aware that there are no ATMs on the island, so bring some cash.

Getting to & things to do on Pulau Ubin

How to Get Around in Singapore

Getting around in this city is so easy.

You have a broad variety of transportation options that are suited for every budget.

Public Transport Services (MRT, Bus)

If you are a fellow European and thought that in Europe we have the best public transport services, think again, because you haven’t met Singapores extremely punctual & clean MRT and bus services.

As a tourist you have 3 ticket options:

  • EZ-Link

This is basically a prepaid card that you can fuel with S$.

There is a S$5 non-refundable card charge if you buy it.

Where to get the EZ-Link card:

You will get the card at Transit Link offices (the one you probably want to use is directly at Changi Airport), 7-11s in the city and other stores. -> Check out where EZ-Link is sold

Can also be used in taxis and other means of transportation (think ‘Credit Card’)
Card itself costs S$5
 Can be used in stores when buying food & drinks or at sights
  • Singapore Tourist Day Pass

As the name suggests, this pass is designed for tourists.

Especially if you plan to use public transport a lot (more than 6 times a day) you should get one of these.

The Singapore Tourist Day Pass is available for 1 (S$10) ,2 (S$16)  or 3 (S$20) days with unlimited rides and has a S$10 deposit per card.

Be aware, that this is not a 24h card so if you buy one in the afternoon you will only have half a day left.

Where to get the Singapore Tourist Pass:

If you arrive at Changi Airport you will find the ticket office on the MRT level (left side).

But you will also get them at selected stations. ->Check out where Singapore Tourist Passes are sold

Reasonably priced if you use public transport extensively It’s not a 24h card, the day will end at 11:59 PM

(If you buy a ticket in the afternoon you will have missed half a day of driving around.)

Unlimited Rides
  • Single Tickets

If you decide to stroll around the city by foot, bike or taxi then none of the above might be a suitable option.

However, you can buy single tickets in each station or at the bus – but bring coins because they sometimes are not able to change bills.


Of course, like in any other major SEA city you also have Uber/Grab or Cabs.

Your first Uber ride is on us – click and register here.

Or register for Grab.

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