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The Perfect Backpack

The most important thing while traveling is the perfect backpack.

Usually, you don’t carry it around all the time, but to be honest, there were times when I was wearing mine for hours.

While looking for a hostel for example.

So you need to pay attention to a few important facts about that perfect backpack.

The perfect type and size

When it comes to the perfect type there is no brand that fits everyone.

That’s why I won’t recommend any.


There are a few rules that apply to every new backpack.

Make sure that the size satisfies your needs.

It’s important to know what you need your backpack for – day-hikes, long travels, etc.

Take your time while trying a few different models.

The height

It’s important that your new backpack ends at the level of your hips.

There are many models which have an adjustable back for that reason.

If you are carrying your backpack below your hips your back will hurt after a while.

The straps

Most models do offer adjustable straps.

Make sure that you can adjust the ones on your shoulders as well as your waist.

The straps will take a lot of pressure off your back and shoulders – if adapted right.

How to pack your Backpack

Now if you have the perfect type of backpack it’s important to know how to pack it.

  1. First, the center of gravity of your backpack needs to be aligned with your body’s, to make sure your backpack does not pull you backward.
    Therefore all the heavy objects need to be close to your back and as close to your shoulders as possible.


  1. The lightest items should be stored in the bottom pocket – for example, your sleeping bag or rain jacket.


  1. Your clothes and other essentials should be stored in the middle part of your backpack.


  1. Things you need during your travel find their place in the top pocket and the sides.


I hope you will find the perfect backpack for you and travel with ease! ;)

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