Julia watching Elephants Murchison Falls National Park


Africa fascinated me since my childhood.

My mom is in love with the African elephant and we had sculptures and pictures of elephants all over the house.

So it was only a matter of time until I finally made it to the elephants in Africa.

But were should we be heading? There are so many beautiful countries.

Uganda was kind of unexpected. We did so much research on so many other countries until we stumbled on a post about the rare mountain gorillas in Uganda.

From that moment on it was final: My first country in Africa will be Uganda.

Keep on reading to find out how to get through the country and what to visit.

Arriving in Uganda

Make sure to bring “new” US Dollars for your Visa at the airport.

Ours where to old so Berni had to look for an ATM to get new ones while I was waiting at the counter with our passports – not the arrival we expected.

But after 1 hour everything worked out just fine.


In Uganda you can either rent your own car or book an all-inclusive tour (what we did).

The advantage of a complete package is that you have a local guide with you all the time and you can organize the whole trip beforehand.

Our guide from Churchill Safaris was amazing.

He told us so much about this beautiful country and he spotted every animal. We were really lucky to have him!

Booking an all-inclusive package also means that every day and destination is already planned for you.

Your guide wants to make your stay unbelievable and will not stop driving until he finds that one rarely seen antelope. ;)

So if you prefer a more spontaneous tour you might prefer your own car and booking a guide only for the parks.

Our Rental Car in Uganda

Berni at Safari

Our Route

Entebbe Airport – Kampala – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Murchison Falls National Park – Hoima – Kibale National Park – Queen Elisabeth National Park – Biwindi Impenetrable National Park – Lake Mburo National Park

We had 12 days for the whole trip – which was ok, but if you have more time take it.

We would recommend 2 – 3 whole weeks.

National Parks

  1. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – the only wild living Rhinoceroses in Uganda

Rhino at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

  1. Murchison Falls National Park – Savannah, endless views and an amazing wildlife variety (we saw lots of giraffes and elephants)

Giraffes Murchison Falls National Park

  1. Kibale National Park – chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee Kibale National Park

  1. Queen Elisabeth National Park – beautiful landscapes, you can already see the mountains, tree-climbing lions – which we didn’t see

Lions Queen Elisabeth National Park

  1. Biwindi Impenetrable National Park – finally mountain gorillas

Mountain Gorilla Biwindi Impenetrable National Park

  1. Lake Mburo National Park – lots of zebras (and rarely seen antelopes)

Zebras Lake Mburo National Park

Uganda in one sentence means endless horizon views, fascinating wildlife and trekking through beautiful rainforests until coming face to face with mountain gorillas.

We will definitely be back to Africa maybe even Uganda.

This country was so fascinating.

If you want to find out more about ‘The Pearl of Africa’ continue reading the single articles about the National Parks.

If you have updated information about Uganda or want to share your thoughts leave a comment. ;)

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