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Why We Quit Our Jobs To Travel The World

We started traveling together right after we started dating – not officially dating back then but it was quite enough to conquer the world together. ;)

Our first trip was to Uganda – one of the best experiences in our lifes so far!

But there was always the day back home, in Vienna.

Which was nice for a couple of days until we felt the urge to travel again.

We finally reached the point where we decided traveling for a short period isn’t enough anymore!

We wanted to leave Austria for at least 2 months so we started planning how this could be possible without quitting our jobs.

Yes, without quitting.

We were both already in digital marketing at that time and quitting just seemed too risky.

What if it won’t work out as planned?

What if we miss Austria?

What if we run out of money?

There are too many “What ifs” to write them all done.

And YES it is fucking scary to leave your comfort zone.


What if it turns out better than you could have imagined it!?

What if new opportunities will come your way during your journey!?

What if you can even earn money while traveling!?

We sat together one evening and talked about all the possibilities until we knew that there is only one way for us: QUIT!

And that’s what we did.

Quit our jobs.

I quit my apartment.

And we started planning.

Julia Berni Equator

So far, this was the best decision we made!

We are so excited for our big adventure to start!

Stay tuned for our next post from abroad! ;)

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